Monday, August 24, 2009

Pencil This...

I’m trying to find a pencil.
Sometimes, you just need one.
The house is full of everything else,
electronic and otherwise, but where’s
a dang pencil when you want one?

I find two in a drawer, unsharpened
or broken off. Tom’s so good at
pruning, how’d he miss these?

I put one in the electric pencil
sharpener, and the whirling begins--
honing what I think is a nice sharp point.

As it’s sharpening, the pencil is
slowly downshifting.
I remove the pencil--what’s left of it.
I decide I’d get better mileage out
of an eyebrow pencil.

An 9” pencil has become a stub with
a very nice eraser head.
It has to be a conspiracy to get the consumer
to buy more pencils.

‘Stubby’ fits into a very small section of my purse.
I guess you can’t buy a sharpener for
$5.00 and expect miracles…


GutsyWriter said...

Very cute and so true. I mentioned you on my blog today. Thanks for all the info. you gave me about Naples, area.

Nothing Profound said...

I enjoy your writing style very much. The short, sharp sentences. So easy to follow and never boring. I've given up on pencils altogether. They really seem to belong to a prehistoric age. Even when they come out of the pencil sharpener with a razor age I can't read a word I write with them. The print is so damn light.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

LOL I thin I boughtthat same sharpener.