Thursday, August 6, 2009


I never wanted any help in the kitchen,
sometimes I’d have Jen help me out.
If help’s in the kitchen, it usually means
more of a mess--

I figured why add to the kitchen cleanup?

Everyone has their own rhythm and methods

of doing things. I clean up immediately after each prep.
Jen would cut up the veggies and cube the chicken.
We liked making Asian-inspired recipes.
I really appreciated her help, even though it sometimes
looked like a Benihana chef
had gone berserk…

Jen now understands where I was coming from
when I’d often tell her “
No thanks, honey--I can do it…”
She’s a great cook and enjoys her kitchen and cooking solo.
Her fella, Vince, from what I hear, rocks in the kitchen, too.
Jen’s motto is:
Food go in pot, not on floor…


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