Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We’ve been fighting a mosquito in the
house for days. The high-pitched buzzing insect
has evaded death several times.
It cleverly hides on the light walls or furniture,
very low
or up on the 14’ ceiling.

I won’t use bug spray--hate the smell.
I bet the bugger knows that, too--hence,
why it’s been a cat and mouse game for almost a week.

I thought of wearing a disguise, a la Far Side--
maybe a gigantic bug suit with a huge stinger.
Might scare the toxins--for lack of a better word--
out of the mosquito!

For insects so insignificantly small, they bring
down grown men.
It’s funny to see Tom go after the critter.
Towels swat left and right at the evasive insect.

Well, the battle finally ended last night when
the space invader met Paul’s wrath, after biting
him twice
while he was at the computer.
With the swiftness and precise aim of a great mosquito
he clapped the Biting One--
may it lie squished in peace.

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

Hey Nancy. It's funny that you should mention Bug Be Gone because there is a synergy blend of essential oils by a company named Brambleberry (google them) and it really works. I have used the oil to make soap & lotion. My lotion works but not sure about the soap yet. My website is www.DaisyMayNaturalSoap.com but is not updated with the lastest stuff. You can check out http://DaisyMayNaturalSoap.blogspot.com for things that I'm working on now. I'll email you.