Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beware Of "Cat"

Warning! House protected by vicious dog!
Don't those warnings grab the throat?
In our neighborhood several large, mean looking
dogs stay outside on their properties.
Apparently an electric fence keeps them out of bounds.
The rapid, loud barking from these animals is enough
to warrant a heart attack.

Neighbors up the street have what I call a
wind-up dog, named Max.
They have a Beware of Dog sign in their yard.
Beware of what?
If anything, the dog would make a good squirrel
nabber, or a doorstop.

I like dogs, but well-trained dogs.
Max needs an attitude adjustment.
The owners have encouraged an aggressive behavior
in Max particularly to the waste management trucks
that come by.
They think it's cute to see Max all charged up.
He's outside, like clockwork, chasing the trucks down the street,
barking like an AK-47 at an ungodly hour of the morning.
Anyone who happens to walk by is a target.

A few evenings ago, wandering around the back and finally
to the front of our house was a large bobcat.
Sleek and fearless.
My kind of "guard dog"...

"Kitty", go visit Max.

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