Friday, June 12, 2009

On The Road Again...

I noticed a new pet shop the other day specializing
in exotic and unusual animals.
It wasn't too long ago that a Burmese Python exploded
from ingesting an alligator.
Within the Everglades National Park there is an
approximate python population of 30,000.

A few years ago, my daughter Jen was kayak fishing
in the 10,000 Islands, just southeast of Naples, FL.
She hooked into what she thought was a huge fish--until she
brought it up. Jen had snagged a Burmese Python.
It had a girth of at least 20". I can imagine its length!
She cut the line and let it drift off.
Pythons have been found inside of small airport hangars,
suddenly frightening whoever was inside.

Iguanas, purchased when small , are often released into
the wild when they get too big.
There is a growing iguana population in Southwest Florida.
Sanibel and Captiva have a few reptiles wandering around.
The 6' plus iguanas find their way into back yards.

Just recently, I happened to see a small iguana running
inside of our community.
He was headed for the Clubhouse.
I wondered who was was splashing in the pool after dark...

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