Saturday, June 13, 2009

Going Once...

I'm after ants, again.
Not your typical black ant, but swirly ants,
better known as sugar or crazy ants.
They're nearly microscopic.
And nuts!
They swirl around like Whirling Dervishes.

Jen made the mistake of leaving a half-finished
soda can in her car. The next day, I think every
crazy ant in Naples was feasting on Coke.

Daisy, our lovebird, enjoys a tropical seed mix.
She's kept in the lanai during the day.
By evening, much of her seed has scattered
from her cage to the decking.
Daisy is an enthusiastic eater.
The seed attracts scores of crazies.
It's an ongoing battle.

There doesn't seem to be an insect or reptile
alive willing to help me eliminate the ant problem.
The lizards are bug-specific.
So are the tree frogs.
Not interested.

These ants are indeed crazy.
They're even attracted to dried glue--dried anything.
They've strayed into my old pc a few times.
What on earth could they possibly find in there?

Yes, I think ants were put on earth to drive us crazy.
Too bad some research program can't use them.
How about the Space Program ?
Maybe the ants could be put in orbit.

What about Cyberspace?
Maybe I can sell the ants on Ebay...

*No new Blog on Monday.

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Nothing Profound said...

Nancy-I like the way you put these anecdotes in poetic stanza form. It really works. Makes it easier to read and brings out the humor. Aside from the ants, pythons and other pests, I hope you're enjoying your life in Florida.

(I finally posted some new thoughts if you're interested.)