Thursday, June 4, 2009

Take A Number...

I'm looking forward to getting my HP back today.
As some of my readers know, the hard drive detoured
into Neverland almost two weeks ago.
I've been posting from Paul's laptop and using many of
his wonderful photos of California locations.

I have learned a very big lesson: back up files frequently.
From all indications, HP was able to recover data.
I had numerous photographs on the drive, and quite
a bit of writing: short stories, poetry.

Paul and Tom love using my pc.
Paul wants to load Flight Sim on the pc.
He has a yoke and rudder pedals for FS.
He'd previously loaded the game on my other pc
that crashed 8 months ago.
The Gateway was almost 8 years old.
I'm holding firm on not loading the game.

I bought the HP for my own use, for uploading my images to
micro stock photo agencies. The monitor is 24", perfect
for viewing digital photos. I've already sold some images.

I'll have to lay claim to the pc in the early mornings.
Then again, I just might buy the guys their own desktop pc...

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