Friday, June 5, 2009


Killing insects has been on my mind lately.
The unseasonably early rains teamed with very
hot days has sent the bug population into hyperdrive.

Yesterday, Tom went to the local State Park
for a jog along the beach.
No sooner had he returned to use the outdoor shower,
when swarms of mosquitoes and black flies began
coating his arms and legs.

Within the State Park system the use of any
form of insect control is forbidden.
The Park is a natural habitat for turtles,
lizards, snakes, racoons, and birds.
We've learned to co-exist with the bothersome insects,
however hard that might be.

When we got home, I think most of the 'airborne fleet'
had hitched a ride back home with us.
They began zooming and buzzing about the car
once the AC was turned off.
Well, I had some news for them!
Listen here, you're on My turf, now, I thought
as I grabbed the can of bug spray.

How crazy it must have looked as I lunged and dodged,
taking aim, spraying, then retreating from the fumes.
All the flying pests, including their relatives,
slowly dropped away.

I know squadrons more will be on the horizon,
waiting to infiltrate our home.
But, beware--I'm armed...

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