Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fish Scales A La Mode...

Jen and Paul are avid fishermen.
It’s Tom’s fault for getting Paul hooked on fishing
at the age of 9. He took to it as if he'd been born with
a fishing rod in his hands.

Jen followed Paul's footsteps, learning from him and
her dad. She is totally obsessed with fishing as is Paul.
Jen gets right into the thick of it, fish scales, muck and all.
A few years ago she hooked a Burmese Python in the
Everglades from her Ocean Kayak.
She cut the line.

Fishing is a great outdoor activity.
It’s good for your nerves--very relaxing..until you
fall off the poling platform, or the bow of the flats boat.
That’s only happened to Jen, twice.
She is the original Pauline, noting all of her perils…

I used to fish. I caught a beautiful rainbow trout
in the Sierras. I didn’t like taking the hook from the fish’s
mouth. The tugging and yanking bothered me,
since I thought I was hurting the fish.

Jen’s former boyfriend broke the fishing habit
by taking Jen on a turkey shoot in Virginia.
It was a bitter cold morning, and her Florida blood was aching
for some heat. She really didn’t care for the sport.
She did bag two turkeys with one shot.
Annie Oakley...

When her boyfriend gave her a personal GPS as a Christmas
gift, she bagged him soon afterwards.
He always wanted to know where she was.
That’s one fish--or should I say turkey--that I was
glad to see swim off.

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