Monday, June 8, 2009

Over The Rainbow...

I've always loved having my family around.
We're scattered about the country.
My brother, Michael , a niece, Julie and nephew, Brad, live in Arizona .
Two nieces, Laura and Kirsten live in Oregon.
I try to keep in touch with them more often.
My son, Paul is living with us now and Jen has recently become a Key Wester.

When Jen told me she was moving from her condo, my heart sank.
She and I are close and we really enjoy doing things together.
I trust Jen with her judgment and hope her new path
will be happier.

As much as everyone means and has meant so much to me,
their lives are important.
It's not easy to know which direction to take, but one has to
trust one's feelings and believe in God's plan for us.

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