Thursday, June 18, 2009

Honk If You're Lost...!

Some of my friends have car navigation systems.
I’d love to get one, preferably in a car
I can call my own.
The back up cameras are pretty nifty, too.

The first time I needed to drive home late at
night was from an art class at the local Art Center
about 17 miles away.
I’m so used to day driving.
I’d driven the route from the von Liebig
many times, but I was completely turned around.
I must have driven in circles for at least 15 minutes
before finding the correct street back home.
None of the street signs are illuminated by street lamps.
Everything looks different to me at night.

I’m definitely a candidate for a GPS.
My map-reading skills aren’t that great.
The print is too small to read.
I Mapquest now.

Someday, I’ll have a new car and I’ll get
a GPS installed.
With my luck, I’ll probably get a navigation system
that will talk back to me:”I told you to make a left turn…”
Sounds like my husband…

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