Friday, June 12, 2009

Rock On..!

Everything is done on the fly, it seems.
Some people shave and eat while driving.
Bluetoothed drivers, whose laptops are perched
on the console, are hitting the roads.
It's a get it done world.

What did primitive man do?
Yorg had real problems.
Imagine trying to start a fire.
No matches for him.
Sticks and stones were rubbed together for heaven
knows how long, before Yorg blew his top.
His nagging wife, Yakk, banished him to the
wild more than once when he had his fits,
to hunt for some horned creature.

What about communication?
Yorg had a leather pouch filled with stones.
If he wanted to call up a fellow caveman, he'd sling
a few stones, whacking his friend upside the head.

Travel was tough, too.
Poor Yorg spent hours bashing and honing the edges
of a boulder until it would roll.
That eventually became a useful device, especially when he
finally figured out how to get a donut hole in the center.

And most enjoyable, too--when he put Yakk
in the middle and sent her rolling along ...

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