Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blue Skies Ahead...

Charlie Brown, the lovable, insecure, hapless, and
challenged Peanuts character, always felt
that darkened
rain clouds followed him everywhere.
His best intentions were thwarted many times and
Chuck was often taken advantage of by his peers.

Chuck usually invented problems where none really existed.

His friends played under sunshine skies, while he fretted
unnecessarily over what seemed to him like unsolvable
. He was a perfect target for bad luck.

How many times has Charlie Brown had the football
pulled out from him? Good ol' Lucy drove
Chuck nuts,
and was always ready to dispense her 5 cents worth of advice:

"Adversity builds character, Charlie Brown,"
Lucy would tell him.
Despite it all Charlie Brown always kept trying.

How much adversity did Charlie Brown have
to endure? When did the sun shine on him?
How do you know if you’re a winner if you give
up the fight?

Life’s twists and turns often work against us,
and seem insurmountable.
Sometimes blame for the
outcome is placed elsewhere, or on someone else.

There's a little bit of Charlie Brown in all of us.
With every rainfall, there’s a rainbow.
Nothing is impossible.

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