Monday, June 22, 2009

Up, Up And Away...

De-worming the pool is great fun.
After a rainstorm, worms line the pool bottom.
I netted forty-five worms last week.
You can tell my mornings start off with a blast…

It’s a peculiar thing why worms are on the death march.

Don’t they have any sense?

I’ve got to get a life…

Lately, I’ve been going through pictures.

I’ve been thinking about Jen and the great fun
we had on our two Bahamas cruises a few years ago.

The first time I checked out our bathroom,
I wondered
how do you flush this thing?
Not only that, but how do you move around in this cabin?

We shared Corona buckets on deck, and
notes on our tans.
We frolicked like school girls on the beach,
swinging in beach hammocks.
I haven’t seen Jen for a couple of weeks,
she’s moved to Key West.

Jen’s been having a grand time.

Her ship has finally arrived.

At least, I sure hope so.
Paul misses Jenny.
They are great friends as well as siblings.

They were fishing pals, too.

We’re expecting tons of rain this week.

I’ve got the worm bucket ready…

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