Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Give Me Chocolates...

Some people are moving targets.
I'm like a walking magnet.
It's like some heat-seeking device is
homing in on me.
Odd events seem to materialize before my eyes.

I ordered a coffee and muffin in a "B" bookstore cafe.
Taking the first bite, I found I'd bitten down
on fingernail clippings.

I parked the Camry in a Walmart parking lot
which is only a few blocks from the beach.
When I got back to the car, it looked like a squadron
of B-52's had released bomb loads of pelican poop.
The shiny Lexus and Mercedes parked
alongside my car were unscathed, of course...

I found metal shavings buried in a can of tuna once,
and a small chunk of glass in a can of fruit.

Whether it's the luck of the draw, the luck of
the Irish--whatever it is--
I'm It.
Seek and you shall find...Me.

Mosquitoes are everywhere:
buzzing around our yard and garage.
Telling my neighbor how bad the mosquitoes are now,
she replied,"What mosquitoes?"
I'm moving two houses away...

Recently, while waiting in line at a department store,
the cashier took the person behind me.
I always had a feeling I was invisible...

A few years ago, Jen borrowed my new digital
point and shoot camera to use at the beach.
Just as she was walking along the shoreline,
a rogue wave engulfed her, dousing my Canon.
Digitize that!

Such is life.
Just once, I'd love it if a vat of warm, dripping chocolate
smothered me...


Anonymous said...

good post and nice blog you have.,

Daisy Soap Girl said...

I just love it!!! And chocolate, too!