Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ready To Wear?

Recently I saw a gal in her thirties
wearing jeans with carefully designed holes
and rips along the legs and just under the seat.
Her underwear was peeking through.
It looked as though she had tangled with a bull.

I can’t believe that a person would buy
“damaged” clothing--on purpose!
One pair of ripped jeans was $75 on a
department store sale rack.
They were badly faded and stringy.

A few years ago certain jean manufacturers
were buying back used jeans in any condition
for as much as $40 a pair.
I couldn't figure that one out.

In California I had enough problems
with moths eating holes in some of our shirts.
Too bad holey clothes weren’t a fashion trend
at the time.

Tom has a favorite shirt that he wears
almost constantly.
There’s a large hole near the label.
It's heart-shaped.
Maybe it’ll catch on.
He hates to go shopping…

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