Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phobias Du Jour...

I have a fear of anyone associated with needles.
Doctors and dentists, especially.
I love it when the doctor pumps the needle and fluid
squirts out.
That's supposed to put me at ease?

Xrays scare me, too.
Don't you love it when the doctor and nurse quickly
escape the xray room?
I've been irradiated a few times and I'm surprised
that I don't glow in the dark...

Phobias are funny.
Some people have a fear of the outdoors; others, of heights.
I watched a movie the other night, When a Stranger Calls.
It made me think of my own fear of being left alone
in my house at night. especially when Tom was flying
a trip for several days and I was home with two young kids.
The house always creaked and groaned.
I won't shower when it's dark, either.
Shades of Psycho...

I'm phobic about certain foods, too.
Jello kind of freaks me out.
It's composed of crushed bone.
Bones from what or who ?
Tastes great, but I hope I don't morph into Uncle Louie.
Apologies to all the living Louie's out there.

One thing I do, though peculiar as it may seem, is I check the toilet bowl.
In Florida, you don't know what might be lurking in the pipes.
Isolated cases of snakes and small alligators popping into the
bowl have been reported.
Maybe all toilets should be outfitted with a "bowl occupied" light!

Another thing I wonder about is flying fish.
They're flying out of the water for a reason.
While I'm standing neck-deep in the Gulf, I'm thinking,
What do the fish know that I don't?


*Dear Jello--all in jest!

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

You're hilarious! I often wonder about some of those things too. I can figure out why the doc squirts that liquid out the needle, but why in front of us? Before I was married I used to check all the closets and under the bed when I came home from work. Please don't ask me why Nancy. LOL